Producer + Project Manager

Center for Undergrad Research and Egagement


Center for Undergraduate

Research and Engagement


Increase awareness to future and present University of Oregon students about their their ability to conduct research on campus with the help of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE), and that it’s not just limited to science and math.


As a producer for Allen Hall Media, I was assigned to be the liaison between my team and the client, the division of Undergraduate Research at the University of Oregon. I was responsible for communicating with the head of the division, reaching out to students involved in research, setting up and conducting interviews, and helping aid my team in communication and the video editing process.


Elliot Hodgin + Devon Houston - Co-Producers

Lindsey Reed + Delaney Young - Co-Editor

Paula Mason - Videographer

Emily Scarvie + Junior Ramirez - Production Assistants